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what people have said about their personal journey

I have been training with ptnd for several months now and I can not recommend them enough. I look forward to every lesson. I have been training several martial arts for a few years and I have to say the self defence they teach is very easy to understand and learn. What they teach will work when it’s really needed.

Ive served in the armed forces for a long time and have been actively deployed. The system teaches you not to be complacent in any situation, and in my line of work you are always walking a fine line, so its a good refresher to keep you on your toes.

have been learning for about a 1.5 years. We learn very basic techniques that are easy to learn. After we get good at these techniques we get put into a scenario where we have to think on our feet and improvise, I find this stage of training is where I learn the most, and it has benefited my working life because if I see that I can do something differently or adapt to a changing situation, then I have the mindset to do that. We also get to actively participate and workshop techniques to see if they really work. Overall its a fantastic experience. Thanks.

Not much to say. Love it!!!

Ive trained in other Martial Arts for quite a few years and had a break because after a while they got a bit boring and repetitive. I'm glad there's a system like this out there with so much variety, and reality to it, its more about awareness and tactics than landing a good hit. Really enjoy every class and its run very well and professionally.

I was getting bullied at school by a few older girls and wasn't sure what to do. It's embarrassing when it happens to you and I think it happens a lot to other people. I like coming to classes, and my parents always come and watch sometimes I think they want to join in as well. I wish I was a bit fitter, but I'm still glad to come.

Ive been training for about a year and I find it's always interesting because you never know what's going to happen. It really teaches you how important basic movement is and how to adapt to changing situations.

I'm in the army reserves and lecture on sports science at University. I have trained in this system for several months, and it puts to shame the the techniques we learn during our military training. I have adopted many principles from this system and I implement the strategies into my cross training in the military. Makes me feel at the top of my game. Wish this was around a lot earlier. Awesome!

I'm a mum of three little ones and I just love coming to class. Gets me out of the house lol. But really, apart from learning some cool moves, I just love meeting new people and after my first month I'm seeing some good improvements in my athsma and fitness as well. Thanks for all your help.

I work as an instructor for the Police force. Dealing with situations on a daily basis I appreciate the need for the simplicity and adaptablility of this system. It has added another valuable component to my training and experience. Definitely worth it.

Fitness - awesome Principles - pretty easy to learn Overall - its opened my eyes to the real world and how important it is to understand basics like running away, moving, what works etc. Great fun too.

I have trained in Taekwondo for a long time and really appreciate this system because it allows me to keep training in my system, but also gives me more skills and understanding to realise what simply wont work on the street and in real life. I thoroughly enjoy every class its always interesting and varied.

I'm still training in a Martial Arts system called Arakan. What I really like about the SAMAS system is that I use it like an "add on" to the skills I have already learnt in Arakan, and I have found the results to be impressive. Actually, amazing. I'm quite sceptical by nature, but after I invited another senior Arakan student to try the SAMAS system, we both came to the same conclusion. We love the system and would recommend it to anyone.

I'm travelling with my husband and we wanted to do some training that was easy to learn and effective. We only wanted a few classes initially, but eventually that somehow turned into a year. We both love coming and the level of safety and instructing is brilliant. Thanks well done.

I live in a pretty rough area and I'm a fairly easy going kind of guy. Have had a few experiences in life that made me want to learn how to defend myself. Its a lot easier than you think and doesn't always have to get physical, and that's part of the strategies that we are trained to use. Cool stuff.

I'm a travelling student so its really important for me to have some confidence when I'm going out on my own. The best thing I learnt is to avoid problems in the first place, which makes so much sense, but I guess until you realize that you wont know. Everyone is so friendly and helpful here so I'm glad I can come along.

I just cant wait until the next class. The type of training we do puts you in some awkward situations that you wouldn't normally think about, so its as much an eye opener than just techniques and drills. Awesome fun, and very practical.

I'm an old school boxer, have been for a while. I'm using the simple techniques I learnt in the system in the boxing ring and its so simple that my opponents don't realize what's going on until its too late. Its definitely made a difference to my all round training and strategy.

Just enjoy the system and how easy to is to learn and implement. Good bunch of people.

I work security so having extra skills is always good. Situations can change from bad to worse in the blink of an eye and I find that all the fancy stuff tends to fly out the door and the simple stuff like remembering to breath becomes really important. Whatever you do, you'll get a lot out of it, and the instructors skill and knowledge is excellent.

I prefer the passive approach or to just walk away. You'll learn how to do that safely and effectively. Peace.

I'm a PT and actor so movement and upskilling for me is a part of my life. The system is easy to learn, and the instructors are pretty clued up, although I do like to test them a little lol. I actually learnt one of the techniques and later that evening some crazy guy drove his car through the park and into a tree near some people. I confronted him and when he charged me I used the technique I learnt earlier that evening and it worked, twice in a row lol....yep. I like this. Still with SAMAS a year later.

Ive trained in Martial Arts before for a few years. I enjoy coming to class it always fun and interesting and everyone is pretty friendly. You can learn the principles pretty quickly, and I walk away from each lesson with something new. Excellent.

It's a great system. The challenge for me has been to get my fitness level back after years of not doing anything. Every class is a challenge, but I'm glad the instructor measures the lessons quite well, and we can all work to our own fitness levels. The techniques are great too. Thank you so much.

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